Raiding in Destiny is Only For the Most Sociable

raidiconDestiny is a futuristic sci-fi FPS MMO on video game consoles that has taken over my life for almost a year now. It’s a good game to get into if you’re new to online multiplayer. It was an experiment for me to see if I could overcome my social anxiety over playing against another person online. At first it did help me because of matchmaking in strikes and PVP (player vs. player) and the fact that you couldn’t hear what verbal abuse the enemy was hurling at you. It felt like a safe place for this awkward very anxious autistic kid. I’ve always struggled with getting a team together for the non-matchmaking levels, such as Nightfall and raids.

I’m not one to complain about the usual things people complain about in Destiny and if my fellow Destiny players are anything to go by, there’s usually a lot to complain about. I willing to just put up with it, even the new Warlock super that has done quite a number on my epileptic and migraine prone brain. It sucks but if I want to keep playing Destiny and the 1-3 PVP matches a day, I’ve got to get around it. And I do and it’s great. OK. It sucks but I’ve made peace with the fact that I won’t be able to get 20+ kills in PVP again.

But when it comes to Nightfall and the raids you’re talking about some really good rewards, the best the game has to offer. OK. The Nightfall rewards aren’t as good but at least one has to be completed in order to get a really awesome and high attack weapon in one of the quest lines. The raids are also one of the best parts of Destiny and the rewards are literally the best weapons and armor you can get in the game.

Now you can play through the main story and get through it pretty easily and that’s all fine but if you want to keep playing the end game stuff you will find yourself slipping behind the rest if you don’t complete the raid at least once. Even at 297 light I feel way behind someone who is 300 light. This community is a bit elitist about light levels in this game. Light basically makes you stronger and in order to do Nightfall or the raid you need a minimum light level, but some players require a higher level than this.

But I am both Nightfall and raid ready. I was even invited into a Nightfall strike when I was only 278 light, but that was before the quest step came up. I’ve started the raid too but the game was glitchy so we quit it. Since then I haven’t been able to get back in. I’ve watched my small group of friends in my former clan talk about doing the raid twice while they were doing the raid. It’s really disheartening. I thought they’d help their awkward and socially anxious friend out. It’s actually made me really depressed and angry. I do have a mood disorder as well so I’ve got all that to deal with.

That’s the problem with trying to get into a raid. I’ve done bits of the previous raids, all of the second one a few times but only about half of the first raid. Turns out I’ve got a low threshold for jerks and the gaming community is full of them. I’ll forgive the 12 and 14 year olds. They are kind of arrogant and have no manners because, well, they’re still growing up and learning that stuff. It’s kind of the only place they can boss people around too. But I’ve been turned off by racist slurs and really rude jokes. What makes me really rage quit a game is when a person is singled out for causing the team to lose or if people are making too much fun of me. I know I can just mute but most of the time it’s the leader so I’ve either got to put up with it or leave.

Then there’s people who don’t give proper instruction and when they do you know they act like it’s obvious. So, it’s rare for me to find a good Fireteam that has open-minded and decent people who will give me clear instructions. A problem with me being autistic is that I actually require very clear and detailed instructions. I also can’t handle someone telling me to do too much at once, so it has to be broken up. I’m getting better but it’s hard to learn when people don’t give me the chance.

I know the developer Bungie wants people to really communicate and work together as a team but some of us haven’t got those skills and may not ever have them, so we miss out on the best level this game has to offer and those sweet rewards. We get left behind on 297 light and can’t see any way of progressing. If the next lot of expansions are going to be like this, then I’ll just give up on getting the maximum light, the highest attack power and the greatest rewards. I won’t have the best Destiny experience anymore and I’ll just get bored and move onto other games.