Out with the old, in with the new

For three years I’ve been working on my first science fiction novel but I always had doubts about it. There were just a few things about it that bothered me. For starters, the plot sounded more like an episode of Doctor Who than what you would find in a science fiction saga, which is what I was going for. Maybe The New Doctor Who Adventure series of novels which I have read quite a number of. Secondly, the story didn’t seem to flow. I want to tell a story where the action just propels it forward and doesn’t stagnate or pause and then have to be started up again. That probably made no sense. It only would if you read the first few chapters of my novel. I also thought it wasn’t sci-fi enough. I was way too literal and it all seemed so realistic it was kind of dull.

The point is I just wasn’t happy with it. I had exhausted myself with research. I looked into game theory, complicated physics I barely understood which I wracked my brain over to get a vague idea of what it meant, and studied science fiction while watching or reading it. I researched everything. I taught myself to think like a verbal thinker instead of falling into the trap most visual thinkers do like assume people see what I see in my mind so there’s no need to describe it. I even studied people when we sat down and talked together in a group. Often people stopped and just looked at me gawping at them. Oh, ignore her – she’s just learning social skills.

Lastly, I really wanted to jump start into writing a futuristic sci-fi story and had I stuck with the original story that wouldn’t have happened until book 3. I tell you what though I am going to miss Lochner and Mason, two characters I came up with that had a lot of personality.

I didn’t want to give up at first but because of my poor ability to concentrate or write with a completely cleared thoughts (it’s an ADHD thing) I felt writing a novel would be too overwhelming and I just wouldn’t stick with it. So, I decided to write the story as a screenplay. It was all working out fine until my worries about CG1 came in. If I was serious about this then I had to sell it to someone who was going to put high end graphics in it. Something told me that wasn’t going to happen. I don’t exactly live in the land of opportunity. I live in Australia whose film industry is kind of young compared to America, and they don’t exactly have the budget to make a movie like Super 8. By the way, my story was nothing like Super 8, more every sci-fi show I’ve ever watched mixed together.

My next great idea was to go back to writing books, but not a full length novel, maybe something for the YA crowd, or even younger, and maybe go the Orson Scott Card way when he first penned Ender’s Game – do it as a novella first.

By this time I had completely shelved the original story as another synopsis came to my mind from God knows where. Actually, I loved the sci-fi world I had created and still wanted to write about it and use similar themes because something in my brain was telling me people had to hear what I have to say. With all this talking about putting a label on normal – the timing was perfect!

As I type I have boxes of notes for the extinguished Working Memory novel. It all won’t go to waste. I’ll recycle it. Haha, kidding. I will recycle some of it but I’m sure I can borrow some ideas from it and put it into my new story.

I’m excited for this new project. For those that don’t know I have a highly visual thinking style and can basically dream up movies in my head – in just half of a day I watched a synopsis for this story unfold and by the end of the day I saw how it ended, when I was distracted by my thoughts while sitting on my couch while trying to watch TV – and if I can’t write down what I see I go a bit crazy. I’ve been imagining these rich environments with well developed characters and complete plots since I was about five years old. OK, it took a few years to develop my imagination in this way. I used to dream up scenes and then by age eight I was watching movies from beginning to end in my head.

You can understand why I’m so desperate to be a writer and share my ideas with the world?

I think my best way to write this novella is quickly and not worry too much about details yet. It goes well with my fast thinking brain and very short attention span, as well as the huge amount of focus I put into my writing when I’m capable of doing it that it leaves me completely drained. And writing it as a novella for a adolescent audience just takes a bit of stress off me because the language doesn’t have to be so pedantic and the descriptions not as in depth because that’s not what I’m going for. Also, I want to write for a young audience. I want my protagonist to be young not just because it was children’s movies that inspired me to be a storyteller but because I want to give my young nephews a story about a young hero they can relate to. Children who don’t quite fit the mold of what society thinks they should be will relate to the character, and so will some adults who grew up thinking that and who still have to put up with being seen as an oddball.

I just want to write something to completion to know that I can. I tried to get a basic 9-5 job but no one ever wanted to hire me so now I have to earn a living some other way. There’s the odd couple hundred bucks from a live band photography shoot but those are scarce to come by and I’m still not sure if I want to take it to a professional level. I feel like I was born to be a writer despite my learning disorder that I suffered with all throughout school.

Did I mention I’m excited? Well, I am. I really can’t wait to get started and update you all on my progress. But first I have to write a post for Autism Acceptance Month, which is almost completed anyway.