More thoughts about ‘Kids On Speed?’

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for the feedback I have received for my critique on ‘Kids On Speed?’ at Gina Pera’s (author of ‘Is it You, Me or Adult ADD?’) website ADHD Rollercoaster. You can check the post out but I must warn you this was my reaction after just watching one episode. After watching all three episodes I got a firmer grasp on the documentary.

Now I don’t know if it’s because of the poor sleep I got last night which has made my head such a mess today that I keep thinking how young Seth is doing, but I wonder how the poor boy is doing. All the children really. I can at least get updates about Corey from his mother’s blog but I still wonder about how the other children, especially Seth and Samuel, are doing.

Samuel reminds me of a young boy I knew that was diagnosed with ADHD as young as 2. He had oppositional behaviour too but my mother actually bonded with him quite well and got to know his softer side. She was a teacher of a Sunday School class he was in. I wonder how he is doing as well. He might be 14 now.

I suppose I’ve never really felt so involved in an Australian documentary before but the film makers were successful in making me feel like I got to witness the children’s everyday lives and I really felt like I was standing around with the film crew and not sitting on my couch in front of flat wide-screen TV eating a bowl of chips so I could actually sit down and pay attention.

The show had such an impact on me that I still do think about it from time to time when I’m in the middle of working on something, or reading, or watching TV and get distracted by my thoughts. It probably has a lot to do with it being Australian so it’s like this is how it is here and not in another country. I’m especially now aware of the lack of services for ADHD in schools and for the children and family in general and not just the lack of help for adults.

I really want to help increase that awareness in October, though I’m set on writing about the ‘space cadets’ of ADHD. I want to get people away from thinking ADHD is mostly about hyperactivity and challenging behaviour, though it exists and these children (and adults) need help controlling those symptoms so they can really live a fulfilled life, but so do their less energetic and foggy-minded cousins.

It surprises me that I was once dealing with the issues of that group. I’m now very active and occasionally my hyperactivity and impulsivity can get out of hand. But unlike the way ADHD symptoms usually manifest, my more hyper symptoms seem to cycle and usually end in depression.

One last thing I’d like to mention about the whole ‘Kids On Speed?’ series is that the discussion on the ABC’s Facebook page, beside few ignorant comments about children needing a good hiding and well meaning people pushing elimination diets onto parents with children with ADHD, were comments from the parents who dealt with the same issues everyday and the parents from the show themselves who filled in gaps about some treatments done that were not explained in the show, and most of my questions were answered. For one, I realised how pointless it was to give advice to the parents about teaching new skills to the children when the program was shot sometime last year. And also, I’m not a parent.

It was good to get some positive feedback about my own comments which was just factual information about how ADHD is neurological disorder and not a problem with the gut that leads to the behaviours – though now I will consider the same symptoms can happen when someone has food sensitivities – and about my own experience as an adult with ADHD, and I got some encouraging words back from the parents on the show, which really impacted the way I felt about the show. It was just really an inspiring community to be in.

So yes, another short post – don’t get too used to it – after a day of being completely unfocused, impulsive, hyper and unorgainsed. It’s rewarding enough for me to even be able to write this much.